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Book Review: Happiness

In the best-selling author, Gill Hasson's new book, Happiness How to Get into the Habit of Being Happy, the key message is that happiness is a state that we all have to work at. It requires thought and effort and should not be simply viewed as a matter of chance, good fortune or coincidence.

According to the author, a happy life is one that is lived in balance with meaning and purpose and in accordance with one's values.

The essence of this publication therefore lies in its step-by-step explanation of how to identify and sustain a life of meaning and purpose that is not solely focused on short-term pleasures or contentment.

The author clearly encourages self knowledge but also the acceptance of risks or sacrifices that will likely come with living according to one's values. Such difficulties or set-backs must be anticipated and managed not resented or feared.

In these stressful and chaotic times and against the background of rising concerns about the state of mental health in Nigeria, this book is an extremely helpful guide especially for those who have experienced or are experiencing anxiety in areas of their lives, for example, work, business, relationships or their health to mention a few.

Helpfully, Happiness also devotes a chapter to helping others to be happier!

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