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Our Programmes

Collaborative & Innovative

Programming and community engagements are at the core of our strategy. We are strongly committed to supporting the development of innovative solutions and reliable tools and resources for those who need them most.


Tackling the Issues

We are invested in exploring new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We provide consulting services to government agencies, businesses, civic groups and nonprofits in the implementation of policies or projects.


Making a Difference

We design and implement training programmes that empower our targets and deliver the support  that they need. Till date more than 3,500 students and entrepreneurs have benefitted from our training initiatives.

Special Events

 Doing What is Needed

Our  events such as the Financial Literacy Excellence  Awards  celebrate leadership and innovations that are advancing financial well-being and enterprise creation

Get Involved

Make a Difference

Learn about how you can help us to fulfill our mission.

Partner with Us

Help Us Achieve

Get in touch with us for details about how you can become an official partner or event sponsor. Various levels of partnership or sponsorship are available depending on areas of interest and priorities.


Show Your Support

Take advantage of opportunities to contribute your time, knowledge, expertise or resources pro bono, for example, by providing function spaces, facilitating workshops or hosting meet-ups.

Make a Donation

Make Change Happen

We believe that the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. We therefore welcome and appreciate all donations towards our programmes.

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