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Welcome to 2024! Making domestic tourism a priority

 'Ibadan, running splash of rust and gold flung and scattered among seven hills like broken china in the sun.' John Pepper Clark

One of the ways in which we can support local communities and promote non-oil based economic development is to promote domestic tourism.

Simply put, where it is safe to do so, we should take in-country trips or excursions and experience first hand local arts and culture and the natural resources (environment, flora and fauna) that we have been blessed with in all zones of the country.

There are problems ranging from infrastructure deficits (poor access roads and unavailability of standard guest accommodations) to the lack of professional guides, the absence of on-site amenities (for example, gift shops, public conveniences) to poor interconnectivity between transport hubs and places of interest.

Clearly, the domestic tourism sector is one in which the private sector should take the lead and benefit from fiscal and non-fiscal incentives by governments at all levels (federal, state and local).

These photos of Bower's Tower at Oke Are, one of this city's seven hills, Agodi Gardens, and an ancient door at Irefin Palace, were taken in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Plan and enjoy your own in-country trip!


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