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Book review: Soulful Whispers

This third book by Tope Fajingbesi Balogun is a collection of quotes, poems and pictures dating from 2010 till the present.

Although, a slim volume, it still packs a punch! It can be read in one sitting but that is to miss its real value. It should be regarded as a self-help manual because it deals with the multitude of experiences and feelings that you can or will face in life generally regardless of your outlook, background or age.

How do you overcome self-doubt, fear, confusion, indecision, disappointments or failure? How do you handle accomplishments or personal or business relationships?

This book provides the answers. It draws from the author’s insights, compassion and deep spirituality but it is not about religion.

In the foreword, Tope explains that her life’s work is to inspire others to escape from their limitations whatever they are and fully unleash their purpose no matter what. Soulful Whispers admirably helps to achieve this goal.

If You Must

(From Soulful Whispers)

If you must bet, bet on you.

If you must follow, follow your dreams.

If you must compete, compete with you.

If you must fight, fight your fears.

If you must lose, lose the chains.

If you must stay, stay in action.

And if you must create, create a path.

To get a copy of Soulful Whispers, contact TY Workspace, 17 Ibikunle Street, Yaba, Lagos. Tel. +234 807 6706707

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