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World AIDS Day 2018

Today is World's AIDS Day. It marks the 30th anniversary of this globally recognized day, which is set aside for improving awareness about how AIDS is caused through HIV infection as well as supporting and caring for those living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

For 2018, the theme is "Know Your Status."

Currently, Nigeria is estimated to have over 3 million persons living with HIV, one of the highest such populations globally.

HIV testing is the key to knowing one's status and it is important because with such knowledge, a person can either get appropriate HIV treatment or take steps to prevent HIV infection of others.

However, HIV testing must always be confidential and happen with informed consent except in a few narrow cases, for example, in the case of donors of blood, blood products or human organs.

We strongly support universal access to affordable HIV counselling and testing with informed consent.

There has also been a growing interest in HIV self-testing. Helpfully, UNAIDS has produced a guide about all you need to know about using HIV self-testing kits.

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